Privacy Policy Privacy Policy respects complete privacy of our visitors and end users and does not try to manage or collect any information or personal data unless it has been made voluntarily by the company or individual concerned.

Live Casino certainly does request users to get registered which is also one of the best ways to protect your email id, user password and other relevant information that is personal (if any) from third parties or users. The moment you get registered with Live Casino your email id and password or any other information provided to us shall be kept secret and very much confidential. You can always ensure that any part of the information that is provided to us shall in fact not be used or made available to any organization, person or company that is not a part of Live Casino.

We or any member of our team shall not try and make use of your information or contact details unless we have been authorized by you.

The only set of information that is collected and made use by our support team is the log data that is used by the web server for normal usage of the website. It is also relevant that this data is not sufficient to tell us or reveal your identity or contact information or your personal nature. We do make use of this data to generate online statistics so we can try and monitor site activity that can be used for benefiting our website users.

When you visit, we shall try and store some part of the information on your system hard drive in the Cookie folder, so that we can try and tailor our website and portal according to your preferences and interests. You can always try and clear the cookies from your system, receive alters the moment cookie is being used or block them completely with any present time internet browser.

We hereby respect complete privacy of the users/ administrators and owners of different gambling websites.

Gambling site information (including URL, name, description and other set of information) is published in Live Casino database and is also used for the benefit of these websites.