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There are a number of Live Casinos that offer players with Live Sci-Bo games. The game play can be enjoyed in the presence of a live dealer. As Sci-Bo is not considered as a very popular game play, so there are not many Live Casinos that offer with this game. You certainly might have to search for a few online casinos that offer you with live Sci-Bo game play. As compared to Live Roulette and Live Baccarat, Sci-Bo is not very much popular Live Casino game.

As the game play offers players with a very high house edge so, not many players enjoy playing it even in Live Casino. When playing the game against Live Casino, you certainly don’t have much chance of making a big win. Even if the casino is offering players with low house edge still the odds of winning are also reduced.

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How to play Live Sci-Bo?

When enjoying your game play at the live Casino, you might get to see the dealer placing the dice in the shaker. Players are having the option of placing their bets at the table. When playing this game, you always have wide range of betting options. Payouts might certainly differ from one casino to another. To end the betting session the dealer might also notify the players by shaking the dice shaker. The dice are then thrown at the table and players can see the outcomes of each roll. Live Casino offers with multiple views of the screen so it becomes very easy for players to see each of the outcomes.

The moment you managed to win any number then it is certain that you get your payouts. Before starting with the new round the dealer shall also withdraw all lost bets from the table. Sci-bo is a game that offers players with different payouts depending on the casinos. When playing the game at Live Casino, you have different payout options.



3 similar dice, matching value

150 to 1


24 to 1

Total of 3 dice = 4 / 17

50 to 1

Total of 3 dice = 5 / 16

18 to 1

Total of 3 dice = 6 / 15

14 to 1

Total of 3 dice = 7 / 14

12 to 1

Total of 3 dice = 8 / 1

8 to 1

Total = 9, 10, 11, 12

6 to 1

2 out of 3 dice matching

5 to 1

Identical value 2 out of 3 dice matching

8 to 1

Big matching predicted

1 to 1

Small matching predicted

1 to 1