Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack with Online Live Dealers

live blackjackBlackJack is an preferred game play in Live Casinos along with Live roulette. The main benefit when playing Live Blackjack is that you get the feeling of playing it against real world dealer and players. So even if you are enjoying the game play from your home still you get the feeling of being present in land based casino at Vegas. As you are playing it against real dealer so there are much better chances that you can always try and beat the dealer in his game play by implementing best strategies. Apart from this, many players enjoy to play at because they have the convenience of chatting with dealers and other casino players. The moment you are playing Live Blackjack you need to follow the rules that are common to normal game play. The only difference between normal game play and Live game play is that with Live Casino you certainly have strict time limits that needs to follow. This also means that when playing the game you have to take instant decisions.

Before delivering the cards to the players in, dealers might first scan the cards so you can view the cards on your computer screen. Apart from this as you are also sharing the game play with the casino server so it is certain that each of the card that is dealt to the players is actually registered on the server. Even if the card is dealt to the dealer still you can ensure that it is registered with the system server. There are a number of web cams that are installed in the room so you can view the table as well as the cards at the table. There are also a number of casinos that offer you with game play that you can enjoy against other casino players or online world players.

Reviews of Live Casinos

Introduction to live dealer blackjack

The moment you are playing blackjack you need to make use of skills along with your luck factor. As you gain more experience playing this game, so you also increase your chance of winning big money in the game play. When playing live Blackjack you should try and get closer to the total of 21. The game play offers players with 11 or 1 point for Ace, depending on the rules of the play. Each of the other cards holds its face value. Colored cards are having a value of 10 each.

Live casino offers you with an instant game play where the dealer requests you to place your bets after the cards have been dealt to each of the player at the table. Players are certainly allowed to place their bets till the betting lines are closed by the dealer. The moment the dealer moves his hands towards the right of the table it is certain that you are not allowed to touch your chips at the table. Two of players cards are also placed face up by the dealer. These set of cards are also termed as initial cards. After the dealer has selected one of the cards, players are allowed to take their decision of folding, splitting, hitting or doubling down their bets. In this game play a player is also having an option of selecting as many cards as possible to gain a total point of 21. The moment any player exceeds this total it is certain that he has lost his bets.

When playing the game play, dealer shall continue playing till there are players enjoying their game at the table. Apart from this, a dealer will also try and make a total of 17. In case there are other players at the table then the dealer shall decide if the bets should stand off or stay for the players. In this game you can blackjack only if you are holding ace with other ten set of cards. In case you make 21 points with three or four cards then you are not the winner of the game. The moment you manage to blackjack then you are paid 3:2 payout. If during the game play dealer manages to present with a 10 value card then all other players need to wait till the dealer manages to finish his hand. If both dealer and player manage to get a total of 21 then you can collect your bets back. Apart from this you can also try and collect 1:1 ratio payout in the game play.

Payout options with Live Blackjack Casinos

The game of blackjack offers players with different types of payouts.



Player has 21+ points

Dealer wins the bets

Player has 21 or less and dealer has 21+ points

Player wins 1:1 payouts

Player has better hands than dealer

Payout is 1×1 the bets

Dealer has better hand

Dealer wins the bets

Dealer and player hold similar hands

The bets are even

Player has blackjack

Payout is 3:2 ratio

Dealer has blackjack

Stand off

Special terms used in Live Casino Blackjack

  • Soft or Hard Hand – The moment dealer is hold cards that have a total of 11 points it is termed as soft hand. If the total of dealer’s cards is not 11 then it is termed as hard hand.
  • Double down – The player has an option of doubling down the moment he is holding card that has a total of 9, 10 or even 11 points. On winning this hand player is awarded with 1:1 payout.
  • Split – If the player is holding two cards of similar value then he can decide to split his hands to make two separate hands.
  • Insurance – The moment dealer is holding Ace as his first card then all other players at the table have an option of insuring their bets. In case dealer does not manage to blackjack then he is declared as the looser of the round. On winning the payout is double the initial bets.