FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) of LiveCasino.ca

As enjoying your game play at LiveCasino.ca, it is certain that you might be having a number of questions related to the game play and other aspects. Below as have some of the best collections of queries that are common along with the answers, related to the website and casino games. In case you feel that you are not able to find answers to your queries, you are always welcomed to email our support team and we shall try to get back to you as soon as possible with best answers to all your queries.

Top Questions

Am I allowed to count cards when playing Live Blackjack game?

It certainly is not possible to implement card counting technique when playing the game in LiveCasino.ca. You need to keep in mind that when playing the game in any online casino, it certainly might not be possible for any one to implement this technique as casino authorities try and shuffle cards after every game. When enjoying your game play in land based casino you can try and count cards, but this task might never be easy for any new player. In LiveCasino.ca you certainly get a chance to enjoy the Live game using 5 to 6 decks of cards. The moment you are caught using this technique there are chances that you might have to leave the game play. You certainly can collect more details by contacting our support team.

Can I enjoy free game play at LiveCasino.ca?

This depends on the type of casino game you have selected and the type of Live casino you have selected. There are a number of online live casinos that offer with free game play on regular basis. Apart from this you also need to keep in mind that most online casino offers the game play only after you make initial deposit with the casino room. In case you are looking forward to enjoy free Live casino game play then you need to visit out free game section at the home page.

Am I allowed to make use of Chat facility for contacting the support team for support questions?

You have to keep in mind that LiveCasino.ca offers players with Live chat facility so they can reach the support team easily. Players are allowed to contact the support team if they are having queries related to their Live Casino account or payment options. Players when making use of chat facility can try and contact the dealer, who certainly might not be having any access to your casino account. This is done with an aim to maintain high level of security for players. Apart from this chat facility is also available for players who are interested in contacting with other players enjoying their game play at the table. In case you have nay queries relating to finance or technical issues then you can always contact the support team via email.

Is it possible for players to visit any Live Casino?

 This is a factor that might vary from one Live Casino to another. A number of Live Casinos offer players with live streaming videos and so they never mind in case you visit their land based casino room. You might have to collect more information from the home page of the casino. Some of the Live casinos are operated from locations where players are not allowed to visit.

Is there any extra amount of fee to enjoy the game play at LiveCasino.ca?

No, it is certain that you might only have to pay registration fee. There are a number of Casinos that request you to make additional payment in exchange for strategies and tips. Apart from this you can also make a tip to Live dealer in case you make your best win. This is generally appreciated by most casino dealers.

Do all Live Casinos offer players with Live dealer games?

This again depends from one casino to another. Some of the best online Live Casinos offer players with option to enjoy the game play in the presence of Live dealer. This certainly offers players with new type of game play from the comfort zone of their home. There certainly are a number of Live Casinos that offer with Live dealer games.

Are there any benefits of enjoying game play at LiveCasino.ca?

This might depend from one player to another. There are a number of people and gamblers who prefer enjoying the game play in presence of a real world dealer. So if you are looking forward to enjoy the game play with real world dealer and not against computer software then you might get to use a number of benefits.

How does Live Casino work?

The moment you enjoy your game play at any land based casino it is certain that they make use of web cam techniques to provide with live feedbacks to players. This certainly is considered as one of the latest technique that is used by any online Live casino. Players can collect live feedbacks from the casino tables and see the dealer and other casino players enjoying their game play. As the videos provided are of excellent quality so it is certain that you get to enjoy complete entertainment of playing games in such Live casinos. The moment you are playing at Live Casino it is certain that you get to see all actions of dealer and other players. This also means that you get to enjoy a very fair game play.

Is there any specific time when I need to log on to LiveCasino.ca to enjoy the game play?

This is also very much dependent on the type of Live Casino you have selected. In most cases, these casinos offer players with 24x7x365 game play.

Give me more details of Live Casinos?

Live Casino is one of the best collections of online casinos that offer players with Live game play in the presence of a real world dealer. You certainly can enjoy the game play from the comfort zone of your home on your system. The real dealer shuffles cards for players along with making all calls or even for rotating the wheel of roulette. The moment you enjoy your game play, you can also contact the dealer using the chat option. Most players feel more comfortable playing at Live Casino because these are trustworthy.

Where are these Live Casinos based?

In general, Live Casinos are based on separate locations around the globe. Some of them are also based on fixed land location and offer players with rooms that are equipped with web cams. Even if the casinos are located at different locations around the globe still that does not mean that the owners are also based at the same locations. Some of the most popular casinos try and make use of best technology for players. When playing in such casinos you can try and view the real game play or other players on your system. Live casinos certainly are best options for players who like to enjoy the game play in real world casinos but can’t afford to travel to far off destinations.