Disclaimer of livecasino.ca

  • For US – Players
Attention – Players from US: The Local US government has passed illegal online gambling enforcement ACT. It is advisable to check the local government policies and state government policies that are related to internet gambling. The act and law is directed towards different payment options and services and do not imply to the individual gamer, however we request any player who is based in US to have a close look at these regulations and laws prior to getting involved in the game play. Thank You.
  • For General Players
Players please ensure that before getting started with the game play you have understood the rules and regulations of the website. It is important that all important legalities are well understood by the player and visitor prior to getting started with the game play. It is advisable for each and every player to check with the gambling and online gambling laws and acts that are enforced by the local government in their place of stay. Apart from this it is also important that you follow some strict guidelines regarding your valid age to get started with online gambling and other legalities that are necessary for opening your online casino account with LiveCasino.ca

Thank You ( Support Team)