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Livecasino.ca is an online gaming website where we talk all about Live Dealer Casinos and everything about Live Casino Games. Our live casino guide promises to offer you, the player, everything that is relevant from what is termed as the “reel world,” the milieu to online gambling world.

Our online editorial mission is dedicated to offer you with stories that are very much entertaining, original and very much informative. LiveCasino.ca is not repository for the hastily online press releases, nor it is considered as a collection of bogged down keywords and phrases that are stuffed in to mess around with major search engines.

It seems to serve as one of the best sources for online gamblers and you might never find that any text is presented as an advertising agreement. In case any part of the casino gaming portal offers with any information directly from casino or company then it shall be made explicit on the web portal.

LiveCasino.ca promises no bias towards any casino or software company, individual or online casino for any reason other than pure entertainment and interest. You can browse through the online casino reviews on our web portal. We like to hear from all our players and visitors, any compliments, comments and suggestions, reach us through our Contact page.

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